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Manchester - my new residence. The move went well. Did it last weekend on the hottest day of the year. I sweat like I ran the boston marathon. I'm settled in and am finally venturing out to photograph.

There is a walking/biking trail right behind the condo where I live so I walked it today for the first time all the way to my place of work (snhu.edu) in about 20 minutes. I could probably bike it in less than 10, which I'll be doing over the next few months on nice days.

The street has always been a subject of interest for me to photograph. Living in the city will offer me easy access to it now. These two images above were taken from the walking trail which crosses 293 and the merrimack river.

streets of manchester - Manchester, NH  
Technical Notes: Nikon D90, 16-85mm lens

06.08.13: streets of manchester BACKSTORY


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